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Share your best moments and do good together without any boundaries
Chats with divided window
Easily connect with friends
Introducing Sell on Feed
We proudly introduce Sell on Feed, our new feature that allows you to sell and buy goods straight from the Home/Timeline
Find a wide variety of communities
Let's find some communities that suit your interests and start doing amazing things together
Manage all activities of your community
Oorth has an integrated community management that make easier to organize your community’s activities, agenda, and a digital wallet called SkyPay
Skypay, the all-around digital wallet
Skypay allows you to create a community wallet, make donations, and buy personal needs like phone credit, internet packages, etc.
Build the Nation Together with Oorth
Project Crowdsourcing
Connect communities and companies for social projects by offering unique ideas and creative content
Fundraising and Donation
Start a fundraiser as a community or personally and spread kindness together
Find ease to do zakat through Oorth that already works with official zakat distributor agency